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who we are

Imagine a world where media & creativity get along perfectly. Imagine a partner who likes to work with others and helps you to combine the strengths of SBS - Mediahuis - Roularta and IP. This is Who We Are! Collaboration is our DNA. Since 2012, we are the glue between creativity and media. The Pool is an independent cross-media hub providing cross-media opportunities and solutions for advertisers and agencies, with a proactive and reactive impact.

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what we do

The Pool unites and combines strong media brands across all sales house borders, and allows advertisers to tell a story by listening to them and their agencies, engaging in a dialogue, homing in on concrete national and regional briefings, and offering them effective solutions.

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Cross Packages

Reaching out to a large audience, within a defined target group, format or theme with maximum return and minimum waste, stop reading and check our offer here below!


Focus on target audience. We define 4 Must See targets for you.


Cross Topical

Cross-media Top Topicals, year round, playing on hot topics.



Cross-media offer for our most powerful formats.




After the huge success of season 2, VIER launches the hunt for new couples in Blind Gekocht 3. The recipe is well-known, the couples aren’t yet and the houses don’t have a clue . . .

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1 city, 1 fashion challenge, lots of motivated young fashion lovers with a very limited budget, 1 pink catwalk to shine as never before and of course, Jani Kazaltzis . . .

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To promote local shopping & the local economy, UNIZO & The Pool have worked out a national crossmedia campaign (Flanders). Highlight at 21 March 2020 in several cities as Genk, Gent & Antwerpen. Join us & buy local.

&nbsp . . .

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BAKE OFF - 360 IN 2020

Do you love the cherry on the cake more than the cake itself and are you convinced that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, please continue reading . . .

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