who we are

Imagine a world where media & creativity get along perfectly. Imagine a partner who likes to work with others and helps you to combine the strengths of SBS – Mediahuis – Roularta and IP. This is Who We Are! Collaboration is our DNA.

Since 2012, we are the glue between creativity and media.

The Pool is an independent cross-media hub providing cross-media opportunities and solutions for advertisers and agencies, with a proactive and reactive impact.

The Pool is the cross-media reflection hub for advertisers & agencies.

It is an initiative of Mediahuis – SBS Belgium – Roularta Media Group & IP Radio (NRJ & Nostalgie).

Marc Vroonen

If I had to describe myself, I would start by using two key words: ‘curiosity’ and ‘gusto’. Curiosity about all possible forms of advertising and opportunities we can offer to advertisers by linking our media brands to their fine products.  Gusto to enable me to project myself, every time, into the world of a brand, into a product, and start looking for the best approach, while using an engaging range of media channels, titles, programmes, formats and many others of our powerful media groups’ assets.  For eight years now, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of The Pool and to cross-media to my heart’s content.

The wealth of small and big data, target audiences, interactivity, TV, online and social formats, print titles, and all those small details that can make a difference keep me awake and on my toes, surrounded by fine people who are all experts in their particular field of the communication craft.

Let me tell you a little secret: doing puzzles relaxes me, both in the narrow sense and the broad sense of the word, as we puzzle away each day.  We puzzle using the small media pieces that form one powerful whole, and write one compelling story that allows us to meet most of your objectives.


Pioneer of VikingTV
(SBS Belgium)

Head of Aegis sponsorship

Exclusive Mediabrands partnership

since 03/2012
The Pool

Katrien Willems

A media lover with a passion for good content AND a lot of sales experience?  Yep, that’s me!  I’ve been around in medialand for almost 20 years now, and I have filled various sales functions, first with Think Media, later with De Persgroep and Native Nation.  So, I’ve lost my heart to this industry.

Is there anything more beautiful than to set people into motion through strong campaigns, interesting stories, or top entertainment?  I’ve got storytelling in my blood.  Everybody loves a good story.  The only thing is, nowadays, a lot of nonsense gets produced.  Content nobody has been waiting for, or aimed at the wrong target audience.

That’s why I strongly believe in The Pool’s story.  We insist on our independence, and we don’t have to opt for a specific media or channel.  We offer the best advice tailored to the advertiser’s needs and expectations.  We are lucky to be able to work with a whole bunch of talented people in all the sales houses, each with their own specialty.  People driven by a passion for their trade, who strive for originality.

We would very much like to make a difference; for ourselves, and also for the advertiser.  We want people to enjoy themselves, we want to inspire them, give them pause for thought, or sometimes even just make them laugh.  That’s what I endeavour to do each day, via The Pool.


Sales Manager

Sales Director
Think Media Magazines

Sales director  De Persgroep Advertising

Business Development Manager Publishing
DPG Media

Business Development Director

since 2019
Crossmedia Ambassador The Pool

how do we work

The Pool, representing the sales houses involved, is your Single Point of Contact.  The Pool will coordinate the project from start to finish, but with a strong commitment and interaction with the participating sales houses.

New projects are started from scratch; every project must be original, creative and exceptional!